Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wondered what everyone was doing @ practice...

Tonight I did homework from 6:30 until after midnight...every now and then I wondered what was happening at practice. Coach Sheeda Bomb was kind enough to give me a recap...I also heard there was a two hour bonding session after wards...I'm truly bummed that I missed that also...those are fun times out there in the pitch black...which reminds me...we need to get a light out there...

Oh, and while I'm at would be nice if hockey stopped on time on the nights they practice before we do...

Here's Sheeda's update:

"...lots of drills and warm ups. then since we only had ... Read More5 on each team and i wanted to work the jammers harder we had one team against opposite jammer and the players on the team worked on good blocking and jammer worked on getting thru.. not easy . of course! it was a really good work out for stamina too. we would switch team on the track and jammer within the normal times. and then the last half hour we did scrimmage with both teams.. the ground we gained from working just on team defense was good at first but fell apart quickly due to fatigue. the late hours are harder."

Derby Love by *Spasticated-Rita

dutchland derby freakshow by ~mange

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