Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another fear bitten into....

I have home work to do so this is a shortie. I sucked at jamming tonight when I did it because Regina is a KICK ASS blocker...I could not get around her if my life depended on it tonight..(which felt eerily similar to those nightmares where you can't run (or roll) away)...

After a couple jams, I warmed up to the idea of attempting to intentionally knock people. I actually didn't recall who I hit until she said "Alright Alyce!", (like the totally cool pal she is), it was the lovely and talented Miss Nikki Spitts I had knocked....I guess seeing that I had done that legally and all gave me the confidence to do it more...I did knock Trixie off the track at one point...Hot Ta Molli cheered of the track and that was nice to hear too.. and what was funny is both of them recounted the hits similarly..something like, I was getting pushed and turned around and went Whoa, that is Sweet Alyce.!

I guess since I'm in observation-mode, (seeing if I can in fact do this or not -until Nov 22nd), their encouragement or lack of it has become important to me and a gauge of whether I'm doing this game/sport correctly and in a way that benefits the team as a whole.
I want to thank Pinkie Lee for making me more aware of my nervous smoking...I'll have to ask how she quit them next time I see her..(I would guess cold-turkey..that's the sort of "broad" she seems like to me...) ;)

Here are a couple of derby related tunes for the Mountain Derby Girls, who I love dearly, each and every one...

To hear them right click on the names and click Save Target As, Or Save Link As. Then Click Desktop (or your Music folder, or wherever you want to put it). Then when it's done, double click it and it should open in the default program you have setup to play music with.

Or, you can right click on the name and click Open in New Tab or Open in New Window and depending on the speed of your internet connection it might play.

[*Realizes she suddely feels like the nerd Sheeda Bomb described* *heehee*] much for keeping it short....I gotta hit the homework now....

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