Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lucky Best Fun Time With Derby Girls!!

Last Tuesday I must have wrecked up my left knee so much that I didn't practice Thursday night...They hurt so long that I was sure I was getting the flu, but no. No flu. After everything else stopped aching, it was just my broken knees left...The left one hurt before derby, but now they both aren't bending al the way without it hurting.

The BIG NEWS this week was not a practice, but RevRa's birthday party last night. Words cannot describe the fun. Mermad, Sheeda Bomb, Sam, Hot Ta Molli, P.Fork, Gerle and Nikki....We had a blast and ended up home safely by day break...

A few ladies went to Stihl Queen's mom's 50th birthday and from the looks of them online, they too had mega-fun last night... :)

Practice tonight was a nice change of pace. No scrimmaging but working with new skaters on WFTDA Minimum Skills. I just skipped the knee falls tonight and I hope my knees feel better soon...

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