Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lotsa Derby Girls, Strange Visitors, Broken Knees, Flat Beer

That basically sums up tonight's practice! There were so many ladies there tonight that the stretch-circle was kinda crowded. I love to see that!

Let's see who I can name from memory:
New Guy Ref (handsome, like Tripp...we get good looking refs :)

I'm stumped from here, but there must have been more...it was crowded.

We did some drills first and I participated in those, minus the knee falls because, seriously, I'm worried about my knees. I hope they aren't sore like this forever. I should do some research. It's upsetting and I'm sort of in denial that this knee pain is going to hamper by derby-ing. Chisel Bit fell on her already wounded knee also, but she is many years younger than me. So far the most strenuous drill has been that Zombie one that Stihl Queen learned about from the Castle Bombers in Merced. Maybe we'll do that one sometime again.

After the drills it was mach-bout time for one hour. I didn't participate in this. I learned a lot by watching them though, which is good, but not as good as actually playing. I will play Sunday if we do this again. I'm really going to try to remember what Hellbound Harlot told me about each position.

So..the strange visitors...some guys were in the stands during practice..that was odd....Who were they? I don't know, but I believe that they know Sam. I hope they go out in the world of Sonora and tell them about what they saw.. (Yes, we let them live to tell)... ;)

Oh and the flat beer....that was left over from Rev's birthday party...It takes a special woman to drink flat keg beer...and I'm happy to know some women like that... *hee*....

While I'm here, I must voice a complaint at the "picking teams" thing we do for mach-bouts. Ammo said it's to make fair teams. Personally, I don't see the logic. I think if we chose a different less mentally damaging for the people chosen last way of choosing teams we'd be able to handle more varied player situations.Yes we are competitors, but the idea of being chosen last is overly-discouraging, imo and not helpful to give a label of better or worse to a new player. Draw names from a hat, or have everyone line up and split the line..anything but this picking teams bullshit...IMHO.

by Elizabeth Ocean

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