Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My reasoning skills told me yesterday afternoon that if I went right home after work and did my homework tonight, (ah, I see how the term was created now),  I could have all of it done by tonight (Wed) so I could attend Thursday's practice and get in synch. about where and when for the Joe Buck @ the old Eproson House in Twain Harte concert we're attending as  a team Friday night.

As I completed some of the assignments and reading, I accidentally stumbled on a link that had an assignment listed that I hadn't see on the other class page link I normally look at for direction. And yeah, the assignment was due at midnight, so I had less than one hour to turn it in...Nothing upsets me more than stupid mistakes and I was quite upset, in shock, in fact. I emailed the instructor to see where I went wrong in my thinking, and proceeded to rev up and go to work on it - I turned it in by 1:44AM and was asleep by 3:30AM. Let's hope she thought it was as good as I did when I last read it.

This morning, I'm left with a dark and empty feeling of having NO IDEA what my team mates did for practice last night, who was there, what neat stuff they learned and discussed, and all the great interaction we have together...

For work today, I didn't go to a monthly presentation that I have done for the last near 5 years - faithfully. And am using my vacation time to stay @ home and proceed with the kaljillions of readings, assignments, discussions and quizzes with their corresponding links and page numbers, until my circ. desk shift at 1pm.I hate doing homework at work because it's not really a proper thing to do I guess. Although it does directly benefit the library patrons the more I learn, and I didn't complete the paperwork in order to get my my school tuition and textbooks fees from they aren't even paying for this extra knowledge I'm getting..But still feels wrong to do with the other employees doing work-work and not school-work...*sigh*

It's exactly High Noon..I need to relax for a half hour or's a little chilly but full of sunshine outside right now...I think it's only fair that I use some of my time on myself.

No pics this time as time is not on my side...

Oh, except this one from Gerle Haggard...(Now possibly Spin Twin instead, as her name wasn't approved ) , in which my own backside looks fucking hot to me!


☮♥Sweet Alyce♥☮ 3.14

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