Thursday, November 5, 2009

We ♥ Mermad

Our team mate was seriously injured @ practice Thursday night...
On the lighter side of the news, Crust All Mighty visited us and is still deciding if she is moving here for sure. She is from the North Star Roller Girls, Minneapolis, MN, (same state my birth father is from actually). She was so cool and has the nose I always wanted to boot. We asked her a lot of questions and learned so much from her. I hope she joins and I hope she plays with us on the 22nd. It might sort of make up for not having Mermad now. So the hockey people were late getting off the track again, and again I say that behavior isn't acceptable when we pay for the time just like they do. Why would they assume we want to give them our time, I don't get it...I'll try to remember to bring it up at the next meeting..but maybe it will just be explained away that 'they're just  boys' and that will somehow allegedly make it ok...?

So we did drills and I didn't fall on my knees but for once to do the two knee fall. That was not the brightest thing I've ever done in derby. I stepped out to get Mermad's home number because someone, I forget who now, asked me to call her husband. When I came back inside they were doing one more time, (7-two minuteseses on/off, instead of 6 like last time), drill and I jumped in and did one session and thought you know what I'm not even warmed up yet on account of all the hoopla going on so I stopped. Then the last half and hour we did 5 blue on 5 black and I used my new strategy of one less time using the sweaty panty on my helmet thing and Coach Q called Crust to jam with me. It was weird how unalarmed I was, that isn't like me. I might have been in shock though because of Mermad's pain.

We took off and she did go in front of me, but since everyone was trying so much to block her, I scooted through on the inside...seems like sometimes it's good to follow the other jammer into the pack and other times to go the opposite many split decisions to make when being a jammer. I like how it's so computery like that. Anyway, that made me lead jammer and then I was going around to get through the pack to make points and Coach said something to me as I went by, all I heard of it was that Crust was right behind me, I fell at that point, got back up and kept going. Must have either been 2 minutes or I don't know what..right now thinking back I'm not sure what happened after I slipped and the jam ending...But oh wait yeah, I remember now..or no I'm not sure if I called off the jam with Crust or with Gerle Haggard. But I do remember now calling off a jam...cuz I really love making that's PSYCHO HOT!

Ok..the last thing I wanted to mention, without dwelling on the horrifying incident with Mermad, is that Kileron made me laugh so hard when she said to me, "You know you can put those phone numbers IN the phone..." ROTFLMFAO! Pierce taped mine and his cell numbers and the phone card code to the outside of my cell phone that I never use..Maybe next time she can tell me how to reinput the voicemail phone number that I somehow erased...I have three messages on there....oh I mean IN there... :)

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