Monday, November 9, 2009

Crust is All Mighty Alrightie!

It was very cool of Crust to answer more questions for us at practice. The suckie part is that I could only be there for one hour of her lessons and then I had to leave for the concert that I had pre-approved with Coach via email. I learned about how to skate the track as a circle and not an oval, VERY handy to know.So I missed half an hour more of lessons, and the next step in endurance of 8 two minutes on/off sessions. It must have been great judging from facebook because Kileron said it felt 'like a brand new team', I believe so that's fantastic to read.

roller derby by *eternalrequiem

Pinkie Lee is back from her trip and I was able her, as opposed to show her and let her eat her birthday cake. Hopefully Slambo has the pics on her camera and sends them to me. Pinkie would probably be pleased to know how happy the cake made Crust at last practice. Crust said she had been recently in search of that worked out.

Ammo made a great point that we need to have an emergency contact list handy to everyone at all practices, and maybe even all be trained in first aid. I asked Stihl a couple of questions about how she handled things with Mermad. The emergency list is a great idea.

Welp...back to work for me...

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