Thursday, November 12, 2009

*Choke, Gag, Puke*

Dear Roller Derby Goddess:

Please allow me to be able to hold a mouth guard in my mouth during a jam at least, and preferably for a whole bout/scrimmage.

In Roller Love,
-Sweet Alyce 3.14


This practice I was given the chance to play jammer. If not for the fact that I couldn't keep the freaking mouth guard in, in addition to the exceptionally dirty and slippery floor, it would have gone great.

While showering before leaving to the arena, it happened to be 7pm again and that meant the it was time to get the Led out on the classic rock station. Since I seem to have a musical block lately and can't think of what I want to hear, I grabbed my giant boxed set of Led Zeppelin albums...that was nice to listen to...

Stihl Queen and I were ready to hit the floor and the man-hockey guys have been nice about ending when we are ready. I appreciate their cooperation. It is fair to keep your agreements.

Anyway so I feel like when we're stretching that I need to become stronger, rather than more stretched out, actually, in addition to being stretched out I want to do things that strengthen my back and stomach. We did do a drill or two that focused on our thigh and hip strength, that was good. And I really liked the Coach demonstrating the proper form of bending..where and how to bend... I had been doing that Rodney Yee Mountain Pose (yoga position) and that helps me feel balanced with my skates..I'm constantly aware of balancing my body over the four wheels and being in the position that best distributes my weight. I want to feel sturdy, like a giant tree..rooted and balanced and strong.

So I bought two youth-sized mouth guards..will try to get them fitted and in before Sunday afternoon. I've been doing mouth guard practice and trying to leave it in while I do homework...

I have a ton of suggestions now to improve and expand our main website - We're going to add a separate page for each player that they can update and Stihl obtained a list of good questions for each player to answer and I'll put it up on their page. I wanted to start this weekend but I need to be positive all my homework that's due is turned in first. Not positive about the LIBT212 class....And I still have the start of the group project due on the 17th so I'd better get on it...So ladies who might see this blog, be prepared to get all insightful on your own derby asses....soon...


Roller Derby Girl by ~SpottedPonyRider

Oh I forgot to mention..crap..I forgot again...!

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