Thursday, November 19, 2009

The rink seems like a stadium when crossing it in crutches...

This picture kind of depicts how I fell on the outside of my left knee

Yeah that totally sucked tonight. Watching your team practice from the bench and being unable to play is a form of torture for a derby girl. I am really missing a big chance to play in an important scrimmage and it makes me very angry thinking about what I would have learned and how I would have been able to contribute to, or take away from *heh*, this. Pollyanna Pitchfork, originally the first alternate is playing in my place now on Sunday. My knee had better heal quickly and thoroughly is all I can say, because I am playing in Sacramento in December!

I recalled something from Tuesday's practice that I wanted to make a note of...I believe at one point Sheeda Bomb knocked four blue players off the track at once...that was rad.

Red Hot Ta Molli is air-brushing shirts for some girls, Kilaron's looks hella cool.

So enough brooding, it is what it is, this injury and situation that I've co-created. You know how I love data and statistics, Coach says I can take stats during the scrimmage. That will be good for me to learn. And on the bright side, I can continue to try to beat other derby girls in Bejeweled... :)

I forgot to tell Block N Decker, after going out on crutches last night, that I wasn't going to go to the casino after practice like I planned..crap...Well I'll call her.... As soon as I can walk I want to go there while she is working and during a comedy show...because I doubt she likes to hang out there when she isn't working...same how I don't like studying at the library when I'm off work.

When I came home last night I quickly, and very accidentally went to toss wood in the fire and knelt down on my hurt knee....Click here to hear what that sounded like.

Oh yeah, and in case you haven't seen it, the team we play Sunday left us a few comments on our league myspace page.

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