Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Kitty! Nada Energy. Fuck It!

I am burnt out tonight....I used three vacation hours to do my homework this morning...Worked 6 hours (4 of them at circ.) and now I've gotten into way too deep of a conversation with Pierce about 'diversity'...*grrr*

Last night was my first practice with Coach QQ back from her leave.

I jammed first with Nicki Spitts and I fell on my way around the track. But I forget about lead jammer...and the rules surrounding that..(if I had sufficient energy I would be studying WFTDA rules, but I don't)...so I forgot that I can fall and still be lead jammer and I believe that makes me able to call off the jam...and so once Nicki was ahead of me and asked if I wanted to call it off, I was all hell yes and she reminded me I was lead jammer...Did I already say that I think that means that we both score points, but I can call it off? I'm tired...(too tired to link Nicki's myspace page, which you should all have by now anyway...We should add websites to our league roster...

We have a new (new kitty!) player coming tomorrow night with her boyfriend..It's a surprise so I cannot divulge any more details...

Plus there's a total other surprise happening...tomorrow's practice is going to kick more ass..and I will try to jam first again so I don't get sweaty panty on my glasses while trying to put that dang thing on over my helmet bows....

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention how cool it was that P.Fork ot only knew who Pearl Harbor and the Explosions were, but had seen them in concert in the past.... weeeee! :) Cool.

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