Thursday, April 2, 2009

No skate. Meet.

Well we've had a shake up in the new league already. Some ladies have moved to a new team, which is owned and operated by themselves, their new name is Mountain Misery Derby Dames and they took that hideous logo (sorry, I never liked the disrespect to nature) with them. I wish them well and I miss my friend with whom I joined derby in February....

Anywhoozle...we had an in-depth meeting to discuss our new three page agreement, our practice times and clearing up all the 'goo' that was spewed by a lot of people. Always good to know both sides, (all sides), of a drama....

By 10:00 I was so tired after sitting around since 6:00 that I went home and began my new duties of webmistress for the league.

The only bummer is that my Zune is not allowed during practice, so I will load it with some music I like and play it on the arena speakers when we're allowed to...

Sunday will be like a brand new thing...looking forward to this starting over type place we're in...

Old tyme derby from Life magazine archives:

Roller Derby
Skillful shoulder block thrown by "Fuzzy" Buchek (L) stops an attempt by Vivian Johnson (C) to slip between two skaters and start a jam, in this teeth-jarring event by traveling Roller Derby stars.
Location:Chicago, IL, US
Date taken:December 1948
Photographer:George Skadding

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