Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting better all the time...

Skating with these women just get better every practice...I just love em, they are great women. Tonight we did backwards skating, I'm still not very good at backwards crossovers, so I went to the backwards scissors side of the rink. We did a two arm length weaving train, three different stopping drills, falling on two knees and I tried the slide out twice, which is kinda like sliding into first base in baseball. One of my team mates explained to me afterward how to do it without slamming onto my hip.

I'm trying to remember the first new drill we did... Oh yeah...we skated while leaning into the shoulder of a mate, in both directions. And the other new drill was that cool thing I saw the Sac. Girls and Central Coast do at the bout when they ripped around the corners, they pushed out the outside leg to stabilize ourselves.

Thanks to Jodrlicious for footing the effort and the bill for photos last week...I spent the last 10 minutes of practice trying to get the photo CD to work on my laptop - no go (that's two that couldn't be read recently so there may be an issue with my player).

Anywhoozle, I missed the 2 minute sprints and this time was cooler because it was the first time it was done where we attempted to stay together as a pack...I was looking forward to that so I hope we do it again Sunday....I really love the cohesive pack synchronization idea...

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