Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just saw my first live roller derby bout...!!

Flat track derby looks nothing like the derby I saw in the 70's on TV with Ann Calvello and Joanie Weston....6 words: Oh. Yes. I. Can. DO. THIS... (not sure why I thought I might not be able to...I thnk it seemed much more violent in my memory...)

Sacred City Derby Girls played Central Coast Derby Girls @ Sac....

Saw my co-skatermates Nikki Spitz and Girl Haggard there..

At the concession stand at the bout they served vodka and vodka jello and wine... w00t!

Sacred whooped CCRDG...

Many thanks to the Sacred City Derby Girls for the for the guest tickets!!!

some of the crowd doing their uncon***** duty...the national anthem...

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