Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Sisters of the way-side biding time in quiet peace await their place within the ring of calm, ah-ah"

Tonight was another excellent and fun practice...!!

Takes about 20 minutes or more I've noticed to get gear and skates on so at EXACTLY 8:30 I was at the gate waiting for the hockey team to exit the rink...Skated solid for 15 minutes until we went to stretch..only had to stop and adjust the skates twice...

Really getting used to the new skates now...I would say they are 70 percent ME at this point...Stretching was a bit of a surprise - a pleasant one at that - Prone to the ground and on my elbows I lifted up my body and didn't feel as much pressure on my back trying to keep my self up on my elbows and toe was so much easier that!

The coach started calling us by our skater names tonight..I'm used to being called Alice..just not Sweet Alyce... ;)

A Roller Derby Logo - by McClintock Design

We did the weaving in and out of the line, 2 minute full-speed drills and this cool new thing where we skate in regulation formation and one skater came out and weaved though the pack while they tried to stay in formation...awesome fun!

In order to overcome my hesitation of plowing into someone on purpose, I asked one of my team mates...(very athletic woman)...if I could plow into her since she won the award at the Jubilee last year for staying on a rolling log...(whilst beating other women OFF said log)...I figured there's no chance of hurting her...She was into it...very cool... So when we do that drill next time...I will try my best....

Roller Derby Poster Sketch by =remdesigns

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