Monday, January 11, 2010

Useless no more....!

I discovered that there are a lot of ways I can help my team from the sidelines while I wait to find out the future of my knee. There's the turning down and turning up of the music...timing the laps during endurance drills...take photos of the lovely players...and cheerleading...Maybe I can invent a cheer leading outfit and finally be the cheerleader I wanted to be in high school, but was too much of a st**** chick to even bother trying out. :) I could probably take attendance also. Anything to lighten the load.

They did a rehearsal of the show warm-up. Did MANY laps. And some other drills that don't have names yet....

Afterwards we went out for pizza and I finished three more player bio interviews for Slambo, our ref. Bryan, and Gerle Haggard...We had a chance to talk about things so I think these social nights are kind of important for that reason.

I've been sad not skating, but I can participate in the stretching portion at the start and end of practices and I do need that movement.

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