Monday, January 25, 2010

Referee and Non-Skating Officials Training Day

Thanks so much to Coach Quad Queen for setting up this very cool day of learning how to complete all the carious forms for scoring and stats during a bout. I learned so much. It's right up my alley to keep stats and to make the software work the way we want it to, so this was extremely fun and useful...People came from Merced's Rollin Roulettes Derby Girls, from Stockton's Port City Roller Girls and from Modesto's SiNtral Valley Roller Girls. Talon and Roadkill Will were awesome! It was also great to meet Jayleen, who is Kileron's sister and she seems to be responsible for turning on some of our players to derby back last ya gotta love her! She and I will be working on being proficient and organizing and training other NSO's as we go down our path of derbydom...That will be great to work with her.

After that a bunch of us went to the casino for some food and pool and gambling. It rocked major that Twisted Trixie was able to come and play after wards...I'm sure all the girls were beat too because I think they scrimmaged for like two hours straight, with learning bits in between. I just am so transported to another world when I watch my team play. I adore each of them just for being who they are...we are truly 'lucky' to have found each other... and thanks again to our Coach and assistant coaches who volunteer their time to make us better players...

Went to the physical therapist today. He was not convinced of the ortho doctor's conclusion that it was my iliotibial band (sp) that was hurt. But by the end of my appt. it certainly seems that it is the 'culprit' as opposed to my back making my knee hurt. I have 8 PT sessions scheduled out now and hopefully the guilt trip from work ends as I go through this repair process....I'm way over being singled out at work...they can suck it, seriously.. I do a lot there and just because I work in a quicker fashion than most I guess they think they can keep piling tasks on me, even after they've made union agreements which cut my pay. I work for money. Simple as that. I'm not retired and this is my career. Equal pay to equal work is how I see it....

Anyhoozle...I'm glad that there is hope for my knee and it will be better soon. I just have to play one real bout at least...maybe I will love it so, and maybe I'll be able to overcome the scary nerves before a bout...Although I've heard more than one skater say you are always nervous before a bout...Sounds like too much for me ..but we'll see. I'm having fun now so that's what matters now.

Pics from Sunday's learning:

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