Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Display Case Creativity Fest!

Alright, it wasn't all that..yet...I'm just warming up to the space. But we have the red background in place...(lines and all)...Gerle Haggard, my creative co-designer helped decide on a red colored background...I added the recruiting sign...(could be larger, but the two friends of the twins that were visiting thought it was large enough to read)... Then I scratched on four black fleur d'lis sort of patterns around the corners...After consulting with Nicki Spitts, we decided that instead of differentiating between the team High Country Hellcats and the league of Mountain Derby Girls wasn't necessary yet. Maybe when the second team is more formed we can do that...So I slapped a couple of High Country Hellcat stickers in the top corners...

Next, I'll be printing out larger photos of my lovely and talented team mates, their names and numbers. And also a giant HOME and AWAY bout schedule for this exciting Inaugural year.

By the time I went to the store for some red background and got that stuff up, it was 9pm already. But before we left, Sheeda Bomb was very cool and she and Nicki demonstrated the new whip they've been trying out..S O C O O L! I'm just so proud of everyone...! THEY ARE AWESOME!

School started again today so back to juggling everything...There must be a happy medium between school, work, and derby. Two classes instead of four should be a lot smoother than four classes..I hope.

Let's see....other news? Well, Kimstigator has had her cast taken off! Very good. Ammo needs to still be careful with her ankle as a long walk bruised it up again, but she's skated a few times now and is holding up. What else...hmmm...Oh Stihl Queen brought up needing a babysitter tonight and I thought of a roller derby child care center...a very niche job...But I could see it being used for derby girl moms...

I have an early meeting at work tomorrow so here's one picture...I love this team photo and think it's a really neat way to do it...

The Angel City Derby Girls

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