Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vote for our team picture on our local newspaper site!

Click the photo and when the link opens click the VOTE AS BEST box...I mean...if you think it is the best of the choices you pressure...


This practice was again led by Sheeda Bomb. Again with a surprise...not just endurance high (heart-attack-watch-like) endurance....Skate 5 minutes, break for 1, skate for 3 minutes, break for 1 (and a 1/2 ;), 25 modified push-ups, hold your body up on elbow and skate toes for 60 seconds, hold yourself up on elbow and hip, tricep muscle push-ups, 25 knee-drops across the arena, 20 bear-walks across 1/2 the arena....

I'm pretty sure I got some of everything done...maybe even most...Which would explain the lightning in my body two days later....("Are you having any pain?" "Yes I am." "Are you having any lightning with the pain?")

After this practice, and the usual hang out out front for a bit, commenced a WAY FUN-ASS-FUN WEEKEND....Spitts and I went to Steve's and Ed's. Then we decided to try the new restaurant within walking distance of Ed's which is now called Lupita's Eproson House...Excellent Mexican food, and graced by the charming Pablo who I just think is such a cool person...(and he smells nice...that's big in my book)...Plus he was so kind and all on my first visit..thanks to Pablo...!! We had a great time there...

Then we went to an undisclosed location to meet Rachel Trouble and Gerle Haggard....We all ended up at the twin's house trying on clothes and listening to much fun!

I was home at a decent hour and got enough sleep to have more fun on Friday and Saturday nights..I laid low on Monday and also managed to get all my homework done..making me very ahead of the syllabus...gotta love that....!

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