Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Left Skate...How I Survived a Surprise WFTDA Minimum Skills BLITZ!

Pretend you just heard me telling my best friend about my entire day yesterday on the telephone.... Then add this..

I was answering a myspace request and passed the awesome
REVRA's update..only to find (dot dot dot)...

can't wait to take out my aggression at derby!!! look out ladies, i've had a hard day!
at 3:37 PM Sep 1

I scoobied to the shower, gussied up, and went to 'roll it out', (as Rowdy to Ra to me said)...

When I DID get to practice Coach-Q tells us we're doing the WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) Minimum Skills tests to see if we're ready to at least scrimmage...

OK. Fine...we'll pretend that I haven't been CONSCIOUSLY skating with BOTH feet and that I DID NOT NOT PASS 1.2.2...Ask Sheeda we both KNOW we know and do that 1.2.2..so ..umm..yeah...I'll see you at the do over, skill 1.2.2...ya rat bastard! ;)

The main thing is that we're all half way done and Thursday night will be the second half of the tests...

I would like to give AMMO a hug or two for her
"DON'T GIVE UP, ALYCE!!" that she shouted during one of my last 20 laps in five minutes laps...Man was I tore up at that point..but it could have been way worse...I really started slowly so I didn't burn out like the quick-out candle that I can be sometimes..I paced myself...what a concept...

The most challenging part to me was the hopping. Keeping two feet together and hopping over an obstacle...

Thanks to
RachelTrouble for this viddy link!

Coach's dad was there and made me laugh when he said that I "looked at him like he was a pervert when he was in the library last time.." - I kind of remembered that when he said it...I saw him and was wondering if that was her father but not knowing his name...Now I know his name.. :)

After practice some of us not to be named roller ladies went to Steve's where we met a local woman, (who happens to be distantly related to the authoress Eudora Welty), we signed another Sierra Mountain Times and we five talked about so many really groovy topics last night it's hard to choose one...books, lesbian experiences, music, (I dug imagining seing Dick Dale and the Del Tones as Nikki described there being two drummers playing at once), all sorts of fun we had..

In fact it's almost criminal how much fucking fun roller derby is...

"JOIN US".... (LOL!!!!!)

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