Sunday, September 20, 2009

MISSING: My Sweet Alyce shirt is gone!!

And I think it took my coordination with it!! This is tragic, my lovely black tank shirt for roller derby with my name and black kitty on the back and the Hellcats logo on the front has gone missing...I've looked everywhere...Jodrlicious even reminded me to check under my car seats and all I found were CD covers, (where I found the Jake LaBotz Sing This To Yourself CD cover I've been looking for), but not my favorite lucky best magic Sweet Alyce... :(

BTW..Jake has a new CD out I see....

Salama Derby roller girl V1 by ~Lenneth4

Anyway...we finished up our WFTDA minimum skills testing, and we had a very long discussion about shirts and mud wrestling November 7th...I just feel off somehow without my tank top...I mean yes I missed 4 practices while in Gatlinburg, TN...but still I think the missing shirt has something to do with this funky wonkie skating I've been doing the last two practices...Although the very wise bartendress at Steve's said only belief in superstitions make them I suppose I shouldn't put so much into a mere shirt... *sigh*...

I don't even know by =Candy2021

Spitts, Pollyanna Pitchfork and I went out to eat and be merry after practice...that is all I'm authorized to say about that... *wink*

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