Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yippee Fun! Another first! Calling off my first jam!

Ok, so we aren't being 100% aggressive with blocking because we're still learning...However that does not in any way diminish my excitement of calling off my first jam!!!!!!!! It was so fun! And so fast! And felt soooooooooooooooooooooo great!

We split up into 5 black team and 5 red team and took turns jamming. My turn was last and I got to play against my dear and awesome friend Nikki Spitts!! (I ♥ Nikki cuz she's broken me in twice now during these precious moments of learning we're all going through) - Great fun and we were fucking SAILING man! We kept clipping each other on the curves and omg what a great sport this roller derby is - EXHILARATING as hell! I finally passed through the pack, (unconsciously, b/c it's all kind of a blur out there), and was able to call off the jam with that totally fucking cool body signal that derby girls love...(I assume)....A total T.H.O. situation!! One of MANY I hope....We are going to be a great team if ya ask me!

The other fun part was practicing whips and pushes with my other dear friend, Miranda...We did it left-armed and I think we both learned a lot by doing it very slowly at first like Coach Quad Queen suggested...I've been seeing the importance of doing everything very slowly to get ones form down before adding the speed ingredient...

Even though I think Sister Mary Jane of the TXRD Holy Rollers is just standing there in this picture with her hands on her hips, she is still portraying what it looks like to call off a jam.
(Sister Mary Jane's myspace page)

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