Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bumps & Doinks - Been knocked down....finally

Between secret negotiations with Villain Ava and Nikki Spitts, & Kimstigator too, I managed to overcome a couple of skills that have had me wondering...the knocking down and the being knocked down. Nikki knocked me down at my request...and I'm pretty sure I still haven't knocked anyone down because Villian Ava went sailing off to my right before I could get over there..Kimstigator and I did whipping drills as partners and I learned a lot from that...

Best part of tonight was, even though we've done similar drills like this in the past, was being in pack formation and everyone took a turn at working their way through the pack...I noticed that I do this like I drive...and for national security reasons I won't write it down here...can't give away all my strategies... (ha!)... All around groovy practice and really felt like doing derby tonight for the first time. I LOVED IT!! :)

Oh!! And my friend Nicole from worked joined the league tonight...! So did her boyfriend, he will be a ref! Is that so fun!? Going to be great fun skating with her....woo hoo!

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