Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes!!! The THO Still Happens When Your Team Mates Call Off The Jam Too!

Nikki Spitts wooped on her jam...I did not... See how things change ;)

I tried to use Seinfeld's line "I choose not to run!", so I could bask in my minor glory a few more days, but I changed my mind and jammed with Hardly An Angel...She can run like the wind!

I was 1/2 an hour late tonight because I forgot my clothes on the way put this morning, but all in all a good practice...and I'm VERY glad that my first fall, first jam win, and first jam loss are over's all cool runnings from here....
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Went to Ed's in Twain Harte, where Kimstigator tends bar, with the twins, their way cool mom, and G-Girl...coupla beers...then home...

For sure going to see Castle Bombers on the 11th and Sacred City on the 18th...

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