Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Alyce. Web Mistress, Co-Head Non Skating Official, PR Contact, Display Case Maker

Ok...I guess I can live with this decision for now...Coach Quad Queen was very nice in saying that anytime I want to skate a scrimmage or what not that I am welcome to come back to skating...Made my heart feel better...

At least I don't have to use this blog as a way to track my attendance now I can just yack and yack at will...which is what I'll do...My blog will still be about derby...just different than it was before...More derby I take of my league...the challenges of being an NSO for the five home bouts this coming year....etc...

I came across this blog post yesterday that made me so nostalgic. Reminded me of the day I discovered roller derby....


This person, (Jonny Stranger),  interviewed Catalac from TXRD Hellcat's team. I remember her from the Roller Girls DVD series. I wish the interviewer would have asked her about her injuries over the years...I'm curious...She's been playing since 2001....that's hopeful.

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