Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Morning After...

Attendance for our first exposure to the public was about 320!!! I think that's awesome!! There were a couple of mishaps that we learned from such as the plumbing going out and flooding the two team's locker rooms, one worse than the other I heard. Terrible...Plus we did not have enough water for them to drink. I also heard from some players that they would have preferred to have the after-party closer to the rink, like at Steve's bar across the street from the arena.

Last night was one of the best, most fun nights of my life!! It was so much fun to see people I know from work, and to have my friends and family come to see our debut!!

Thank you to the Sacred City Derby Girls and the Port City Roller Girls for a kick ass fun bout and for all their hard work, and the effort it takes to takes for them to get themselves on the road and up here to Sonora! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! And thank you also to the player from NorCal Roller Girls who passed on a lot of good info. to me.

As for today's practice, a few of us made it. Plus a few new ladies showed up, which is fantastic! We drilled some stops, and got some good hard skating in. Practiced some blocking, some drills stepping across the expanse of the track quickly and my favorite snake drill....

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