Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to practice....great one...!

Tried a bunch of regulation minimum requirements...was about 5 seconds from doing 5 laps in one minute...Lots of stops drills, some falling and used a large stick to develop a form around the track which has recently been drawn onto the arena floor...

Also finally had a good time to go out with more of our team mates...we went to Alfredo's and it was kick ass to be able to get to know the people who were there better...Not much time when we are skating all the time we see each other...great fun to go with a great practice..

Found out we made it into the Weekender this past week... Coooool! So that's The Pine Tree and Weekender (new issue not up yet) who have shown good taste in sports teams this past week.. ;) I heard that The Pine Tree will be doing an article as well in their 27th issue, by Kim Mathie..Very nice...I'm thankful our effort produced some interest...we pay for all we do so it's great to get some community support for our first fundraiser...

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