Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mob Rules...while i roll....

"the art of being wise is knowing what to overlook."
-william james
William James had that down....

by b_cortes, deviant artist

"a loving heart is the truest wisdom."
-charles dickens
Ok Charles...I hear you.

I do wish I had the words to explain the feeling while I'm roller skating...


It's like that...

Sports promoter, LEO SELTZER, looking for attractions to fill the Chicago Coliseum, created the TRANSCONTINENTAL ROLLER DERBY, an endurance race featuring a team of one man and one woman, roller skating on a banked track in a mythical race from one coast to the other. The game was modeled after dance marathons and bike races, popular in the 30s. Seltzer's sport debuted at the Coliseum on August 13, 1935. Using women in his game was a double-edged sword for Seltzer since he knew the presence of women athletes would sell tickets, although the mainstream press would not consider his sport legitimate or worthy of their coverage.

by Candy @deviant art

Tonight's practice began with a meeting to vote on the logo for our league and votes for people who have extra time to be on an organizational committee...therefore postponing the warm up skating time by 15 minutes...At that point I did 20 straight minutes of hard skating.

At 9:05 we began our exercises and drills and that included t stops, stoppers and a turn stops and then a drop down on to one knee. With my thigh muscles all wrenched from intentional falling the other night, it was sort of a challenge to get up from that position, but hella fun to skid out on one knee! We ended drills about 10:15 and all I wanted to do was skate more so I did another solid 15 minutes....bounced outta there at exactly 10:30 and took the 1/2 hour drive home singing and and moon roof open nice.


Oh..we had to add a number to our skater name so it came to me right away - 3.14 - Sweet Alyce 3.14 - (Sweet Alyce Pi)

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