Sunday, February 15, 2009



As if it wasn't bad enough to be snowed/iced in for Thursday night practice, get this...P. drove me to practice tonight so he could go grocery shopping while I did my thing. I grabbed my bag of new protective gear, was SO raring to go..I mean jumping out of my skin.. I walked in the front door of the arena and LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD...where are my skates?

IN THE BACK OF THE CAR DRIVING AWAY WITH P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt like crying....

Instead, I did the floor exercises I could without skates, was also able to practice intentional falling without skates, and I proceed to jump around like that spazz Stuart on MadTV

Seriously I was jumping out of my skin!! My only hope was that my new skates were there and they were not....or I could try a pair of public skates. I put them on and they felt very wrong, all rickety and loose wheels and plates..wasn't worth learning to walk again on a foreign pair of skates...(grody too)....

In the end I made myself useful by vacuuming the carpeted area of the arena. The coach had asked us if we could contribute to the maintenance of the building since it is really run like a coop. I'm glad I had a chance to help, but's been absolute horror being off my skates for so many days...

Tomorrow me and P. are going to go to the college and skate around the campus parking lots...before I go insane from not wheelin... :)

At this rate I will never have my first unintentional fall...

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