Saturday, April 24, 2010

Collected Bout Advice Dump

[When I started roller derby last year, as the time moved closer to the first scrimmage, I collected advice from where ever I could get it..and there it sits in a txt file on my desktop...Welp...somewhat obviously, I will not be needing this information so I thought I'd just dump it here...Not sure from whom I received this info. so take that into consideration....Feel free to add you own advice as well....maybe it will help some scared shitless new derby girl now or in the future...]

2 days before... drink lots of water up til bout time. get really hydrated.
eat small meals the day of bout.. so you don't throw up on the track.
apparently its been done a lot. ick.

drinking dehydrates you. so avoid it.

before you go out on the floor have a time in lockerroom where you all close eyes,focus and
and walk thru the game.. visualizing what you will do .. etc
positive stuff!!

when going out to the rink.. do not make eye contact with the crowd except when doing your warm up.
too much attention to the crowd messes with your head she said.

jitters are normal. she still has them every bout for the last 3 years, don't worry that you are losing your mind.
just focus on the game

when on the bench WATCH the other team to catch on to their behaviors

look behind you
talk to your pack
point out where the other jammer is
know when the other jammer is outta the pack and then help your jammer
be able to stop on the drop of a dime
then work on your sprinting to chase her down in 10 feet
bridging is fucking stupid
get your girls good at sprinting then & bring someone with you
gotta slow down the jammer with one then BAM w the other
do more hitting drills in practice groups of 4
line up in shape of cross girls front back on 1 team girls right/left on other team girl in the middle has to turn around & call out the number that the back girl is holding up while the girls on right/left are dive-bombing swooping in/coordinating when the girl has her head turned

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