Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saving Private Wonderland

houston roller derby 108 by ~HangNail1

After speaking with a team mate or two about the Sweet Alyce blog...I realize that I do enjoy keeping track of what we do at our practices, recording my growth and all that, on this blog. I was going to discontinue with all the details as I was becoming increasingly self-conscious about having my exact progress recorded this way..but you know what, after more thought and all I think it is a-ok to post details and damn the consequences. Yes it's true, I don't like to hurt anyone or be hurt...that's my darkest "secret" I guess...So there it is...all out there like a smoking gun...I might be too passive for derby...I wouldn't mind being injured in a fair game...but I would mind injuring someone in a fair game...(?) And let's face it...not everyone plays by the agreed upon rules...another something to get used to...

derby tights. by *starryday

Unfortunately I will have to miss todays practice....and if I take all the right vitamins, I won't be wiped out for Tue and Thu practices this week...I like to do at least two practices a week and sometimes all three if I can....With the cut backs and new extreme work at the library, it's like when I first started working there, I've been having to sleep as soon as I get home for about an hour to recover from the to have more strong practices I will have to get used to this feeling and do more to strengthen up...

Before I have to leave this afternoon to the valley I will be laying under the air conditioner with my wheels on and doing some radical stretching...Nothing feels better on the gut area than leg lifts with skates on...I've noticed that derby doesn't do much in the way of gut-repair...mostly legs... (der)...Also I need to do some work on our website before I go or it won't get done this week...

Sheedabomb will be conducting practice today with the absence of Coach Quad Queen...and I hope her run-over fingers are better....(Sheeda is our first team mate to bleed from an injury...)

Here's a bit of fun for your Sunday and will see sie meine sehr verehrten damen on Tuesday


Oh and one more bit o news...Chisel Bit and Stihl Queen and Kilaron (all cousins! who knew!? not me) have returned to the Mountain Derby Girls...I wish Vintage Barbie would too..I miss my friend who I joined this gig with...COME BACK VINTAGE BARBIE!

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